Vaughn Industries on Apprenticeship – Company Perspective


Vaughn Industries

Vaughn Industries employs 115 full-time apprentices in their High Voltage Substation Electrician, Electrician, Sheet Metal Worker, and Pipefitter programs. Vaughn Industries has an approved satellite training facility of Marion Technical College to help recruit talented workers. Megan King, the Apprenticeship Coordinator, sits on the Delaware, Sentinel, Millstream, and Fort Hayes advisory boards to ensure continuous collaboration within the local community. Megan shared how apprenticeship has worked for Vaughn Industries.

What has apprenticeship meant for you and Vaughn Industries?

Apprenticeship has meant on-the-job training and classroom training.   The apprentices get to experience the hands-on aspects of the job and then come into classroom and learn the technical side and the processes of how it all comes together on the job site. It is a commitment of a lifelong career, and allows the apprentices to gain exposure to all the skills aspects of the job.  Apprenticeship is also a way to grow our company by training our own.

How are your apprentices contributing to your business (in terms of productivity, ROI)?

The apprentices are able to help the entry-level laborers out. They learn how it’s all put together in the classroom and then go out to the job site and apply what they’ve learned. Apprentices have a leadership role when coming out of the program and they become leaders for our company, with lots of opportunity for advancement.

What has surprised you most about hiring apprentices?

What has surprised me is how many apprentices are advancing in a leadership role shortly after they graduate from the apprenticeship program. I am also surprised by the amount of apprentices today that come to us that are hands-on learners. 

Would you recommend apprenticeship programs to other businesses?

Yes, apprenticeship helps to grow your business and you can train workers to fit your company’s unique needs.

In your opinion, what’s the best way to attract more businesses to become Registered Apprenticeship Sponsors?

Apprenticeship is a way for a company to grow its workforce, teach apprentices company values, and train them the way the company wants them to be trained.

 How can we better inform the community about these opportunities?

We need to better educate the school systems and use social media. We need to let everyone know that there are other ways to get an education without going the college route. Apprenticeship is an opportunity for an individual to earn money, get an education, and start a career at the same time.


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